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Friday, July 28, 2017

Feature and Giveaway: Lord of Lies by Amy Sandas

“You do strange things to me, Dell Turner. Tell me I am not alone in what I feel.”

His voice was low and rough. His eyes burned. “You are not alone,” he said.

Portia Chadwick longs for a life of adventure. When a dangerous moneylender kidnaps her sister, she dares to seek help from a man known only as Nightshade. Soon she finds herself charging headfirst into his world of intrigue and danger—and unexpected passion.

Dell Turner grew up in London’s back alleys and gin lanes. Vowing to escape his low beginnings, he hires himself out to society’s elite. When he accepts a job from a beautiful debutante, he doesn’t anticipate her relentless determination to join his mad occupation…or her unnerving ability to inspire emotions he thought long buried. She’s as dangerous to him as his world is to her, and yet Dell can’t bring himself to turn Portia away—even if it means risking her life.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Feature and Giveaway: Hate to Love Him by Jody Holford

Brady Davis is as happy as he is charming. Usually. Unless he’s in the same room with the frustratingly gorgeous antidote to his cheer. Mia Kendrick is headstrong and determined. She’s done with men who stand in her way—even if he has arms like Thor and a smile that makes her dizzy. Whenever they’re together, sparks fly—both the bad and good kind.

When Mia returns home to take over management of Kendrick Place, Brady is worried her focus on big business could be the end of his tight-knit home and the family he’s created there. Mia may have the power to change everything, but Brady could have the power to change her mind…if he can get inside her heart.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

ARC Review: Clipped by Remy Blake

I really give this book about 2.7 stars but I rounded up to 3 stars. I absolutely did not love this book. I didn't hate it....but I didn't love it.

This is kind of standard contemporary romance fare. I picked it up because it had a "twist" that I thought I would enjoy. The heroine, Avery, had been bullied in high school for being OCD. In fact, the hero, Wes, was one of Avery's former tormentors. I had really hoped this book was going to be kind of a redemption story because I love to see characters who had it rough in the past turn things around. The problem for me was that Wes acted like the same exact childhood bully at times in the story. It completely turned me off. A good example is one of the opening scenes of the book. I won't tell you exactly what happens but Wes' behavior was not just some of the same bullying, it was also ridiculously immature. I was like 'wait, how old are these characters again?'

And then there is Avery. Even though Wes is boorish, arrogant and has a really...truckerish sense of humor, Avery is constantly suffering from an irresistable attraction to him. And I get it, I really do. I have been attracted to some complete jackholes. The struggle is real when it comes to really attractive men with horrible personalities but Avery, girl! Pull yourself together. If the dude takes something painful and awful from your past and makes it a public joke, murder those dumb ass butterflys in your stomach and at least maintain a firm scowl.

Ok, I think I liked this book even less than I thought. The more I think about it, the more Wes and Avery's reaction to him irritates me. If you love all things enemies to lovers, you might want to try this. I think there are better enemy to lover romances out there for you to try.

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Feature and Giveaway: Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon

Don’t trust lust at first sight. One woman chooses reality over fantasy in this friends-to-lovers romance.

Jacqueline: As an adult woman—and the vice president of a marketing firm—I shouldn’t be waiting by my office window to ogle the mystery man who jogs by every morning at 11:45. Sure, he’s a gorgeous, perfect specimen of the human race, but I can’t bring myself to hit on a total stranger. However, my best friend–slash–colleague Vince Carson thinks I should do more than talk to the guy. In fact, he’s borderline obsessive about “getting me laid.” (His words.) But the more time we spend together, the more it’s clear: The one I’m falling for is Vince.

Vince: Jackie Butler’s got it bad for some pompous, over-pumped A-hole who struts his stuff past her window. That doesn’t bother me. I know she deserves nice things. What does bother me is that she friend-zoned me big-time last year, so I can’t ask her out myself. But what if I set her up with Mr. Steroids? Then, when he breaks her heart, I can swoop in and save her like the nice guy I am. Everything’s going according to plan . . . until we share a ridiculously epic kiss. And suddenly anything is possible.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ARC Review: The Hunting Grounds by Katee Robert

The Hunting Grounds is book two in the Hidden Sins series by Katee Roberts but fret not it can be read as a standalone. I have read several Katee Roberts books and I have to say I like this one more than any of the other I have read. I really enjoyed the plot, I loved the setting, and the characters were well written. I loved the whodunit it surprised me, the fact that I couldn’t make a guess impressed me. I love the mountains and love it when books have the majority of their setting in the forest, Katee’s active setting was great I could picture what they saw and what they experienced. 

Maggie Gaines believes she failed so spectacularly at being an FBI agent that she left and isolated herself in a job that requires the minimum amount of social interaction, she became a Forest Ranger up in the Glazier National Park. She figured she was as far away from murder as she could get until it found her. Vic Sutherland was Maggie’s partner and the senior agent in charge he doesn’t blame Maggie for her emotional breakdown that lead to her quitting, it was a tough case even for him. It’s been eight years since she left and he hasn’t stopped thinking about her and now he’s not prepared to see how much she has changed since she last saw her, and that one kiss they shared. 

Maggie was surprised that it was Vic that came instead of one of the local agents, he is part of the BAU and the dead body discovered in her park matches the MO of two other bodies he’s found in other National Parks, they were shot with arrows and gutted like game. Soon after he arrives another body is found, one who was part of a group that has now gone missing. Maggie and Vic work together in the park while Vic partner tracks down leads in town but soon Maggie and Vic are targets from this hunter. Meanwhile Vic and Maggie realize the attraction they both felt years ago is still there only now there is nothing in the way of them forming a relationship, they want to take it slow but the sexual chemistry between them is too strong to slow them down. They just have to take down this hunter before the hunter takes one of them down first.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this one. Maggie had a lot to overcome personally and Vic was there to help here gain her self-confidence back and find where she needed to be. Maggie isn’t one of those stupid heroines who go off by herself, well she does but she’s smart about it she texts and tells Vic what’s happening and she’s doing it was just crap luck that he didn’t see them sooner. She is still a little annoying at times but that’s just who she is, mixed with the issues she has to work through. I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.      

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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